Asset-Based Trustee Fees:

Bernard C. Wesson charges an annual trustee fee, taken quarterly, as specified in below:

For each Interval Gross Asset Value Annual Percentage Fee
Up to $1,000,000 $10,000 (guaranteed minimum)
$1,000,0000 to $3,000,000 .90% of Gross Assets
$3,000,000 to $7,000,000 .75% of Gross Assets
$7,000,000 and up .5% of Gross Assets

Other Trustee Fee Terms:

  • The trust will be responsible for all third-party charges including, but not limited to: shipping, insurance, re-registration, valuations, notary, tax return filings, accountings, third party investment management fees, third-party real property management fees, legal fees and expenses.
  • Real Estate and/or Material Asset sales will be subject to a 1% fee.  Real Estate and/or purchase or Loan will be subject to a 1% to 3% fee.
  • Additional fees may be charge based upon extraordinary services rendered.  Hourly rates range from $250 to $350 depending on the provider and services performed.  All work pertaining to litigation or threat of litigation will be charged at $300/hr.
  • The above Asset-Based Trustee Fees do not include excess concierge services as well as fees charged for management and/or other work at the business/entity level for the underlying businesses and/or entities owned by the trust.
  • All fees to be calculated and paid quarterly to Wescap Ventures, Inc.
  • All fees herein are subject to change.  30-day advanced written notice will be provided before any fee change takes effect.

Court-Supervised Trustee Fees: $250/hour.