Silver Oak Wealth Advisors has had a very rewarding experience of working with Bernard on behalf of various clients for over the past 2 years. We discovered early on that we share the same firm and personal values when it comes to client care. Bernard is attentive to every detail with the client’s well-being foremost in mind.  He is a pleasure to work with.
Eric D. Bruck,  CFP®, CeFT®

When my mother and father passed within weeks of each other, I was left with a nightmare of different accounts, real estate holdings, trusts, pour over trusts, with expenses pertaining to the different assets that hadn’t been clearly categorized. Mr. Wesson came in and did an amazing job of unraveling all of the confusion, applying assets and expenses to the proper accounts, and providing the estate attorney with the entire backup necessary to settle the trusts and avoid any conflict between my half-brothers and sisters. I could never have been able to do this on my own, and due to Mr. Wesson, there was a significant savings to the estate in legal fees.
(private client)

Mr. Wesson has worked on a variety of matters for me personally and for my firm. He has done an outstanding job of coordinating my personal and business financials and providing materials for the mandatory disclosers in legal matters. In the process he also improved some of the firm’s internal financial procedures. Mr. Wesson always exhibits the highest standards of honesty and trustworthiness, and continues to be a trusted consultant, advisor and friend. I can highly recommend Mr. Wesson for any fiduciary services.
Stephen Bernard, Esq.
Bernard & Bernard, Attorneys
Tel: (310) 312-0220

Bernard Wesson is my “go-to” referral for my clients in need of organization in preparation for legal disputes. He works extremely well with clients and their legal counsel to organize and review the financial data that can shed light on the financial realities that are often at the heart of disputes in litigation. His work has forestalled the need for additional costly forensic accounting and has provided a path towards settlement. Amongst his greatest assets is his ability to communicate clearly and candidly about sensitive and highly confidential issues. Mr. Wesson’s integrity is unassailable and his years of business experience bring a depth of knowledge and judgment that goes far beyond the numbers.
William Schwartz, CEO
Universal Financial Center
Tel: 310-242-8416